Since I last posted...

I've been trying to meet a personal deadline.
AND I took a much needed retreat/adventure to spend time with my family (reminding ourselves why we took this crazy leap and moved across the ocean for two years).
We spent two weeks in Southern Thailand.
I was a bit nervous to take time off because, as I already mentioned, I'm trying to meet a personal deadline. My husband was also nervous to take two weeks off because he has lots going on at work. But we followed through and went.
And you know what? I'd bet money that we both will get more accomplished even with the break, because we took the time off. We were renewed. Filled. I feel like I'm totally set for the marathon art days (and nights?) I have in front of me to meet this deadline. I feel like my blade was sharpened and now I can get back to cutting, so to speak.
Do you ever burn the candle at both ends only to wonder where the light went when the candle burns out? Sometimes a break is just what the deadline ordered.
Has anyone else ever experienced this?

Also for anyone who wants to see more pictures from our trip, check them out over at our travel blog.