When Playtime is Storytime

If you are familiar with the picture books by Laura McGee Kvasnosky, you may know the story, Frank and Izzy Set Sail (If you are unfamiliar with Laura's books -- go check them out! They have rich characters and lots of heart). In this particular story, a bear and a rabbit sail to a place called Crescent Island where they have a camp out and sing to the stars. My nearly-3-year-old son, Oscar, currently loves this story.
So the other day while playing with his toy boats, Oscar asked if I could make him a crescent island to play with. Hmm... Yes!

But after Oscar's "guys" sailed to crescent Island they needed a campfire. Could I make a campfire? Please Mommy? Hmm... Yes!

Then Oscar's guys needed to "sing to the stars." Could I make a ukulele? Please Mommy? Hmm... Yes!

Oscar was engrossed. I guess I kind of was too (it's fun to make toy ukuleles and campfires out of paper -- I can't think of a better use for my collage skills). The whole episode made me smile. And it's happily been repeated a few times now.
I love when my kid acts out scenes from his favorite books. I'd love to hear others' favorite stories of kids acting out picture books.

(Meanwhile, I have to leave the computer and go back to reality! My movers are here. This is really happening, people. I'm soon going to be an ex-pat.)