The Thirteenth (and a half) floor

That's soon to be part of my new address, home away from home, in Malaysia. Not only does it feel kind of Being John Malkovich to live on such an odd floor (didn't that movie take place on the 7th and a half floor?) it also is the thirteenth floor... Spooky!

What's up?

I guess in Chinese the number 4 sounds a lot like the word death. So four is an unlucky number. As a result, in lots of places in Asia (including Malaysia) there isn't a 4th or 14th floor in any kind of high-rise building (kind of like how some high-rises in Western countries don't have 13th floors). Instead you've got a floor 3 and a floor 3A. You've got a floor 13 and a floor 13A (which I have lovingly nick-named floor 13 and a half). Essentially there are two 13th floors.

Now here's the question. Is floor 13A doubly spooky because it's not only a 13th floor (unlucky in my culture) and technically also a 14th floor (unlucky in the culture I'm moving to)? Or does it squeeze by all those superstitions because it's not really a 13th floor or a 14th floor? I guess it depends on my attitude. I'm choosing the 13 and half mentality -- hoping that it will be like a gateway for crazy impossible, yet marvelous things to happen.

Here's a photo of what will be my studio for the next two years:

And my lovely highway view:For now, I'm soaking up my current studio view, Northwest evergreen trees dripping quiet rain drops. I wonder if those trees are going to miss me like I'll miss them.