A simple first at the Library

Yesterday I went to the library with my two-year-old son, Oscar. He picked out a book for me to read to him.

Mid-way through he said: "I don't like this book."

Me: "I don't either, do you want to pick out another one?"

O: "No. Let's finish it."
[I proceed to read more]

Two pages from the end, O: "I don't like this book."

Me: "Should I stop reading it? Do you want another one?"

O: "Hmm. yes. Here, I'll put that back on the shelf." [puts book on top of the shelf, turns back to me.] "Do they have any books with buses?"

Me: "Probably, maybe we should ask."

O: "O-tay. I'll do it all by myself." [he walks up to the counter, careful to make sure I wasn't following him too closely -- "No Mommy, I'm doing it all by myself!"]

At the counter, Bethany (Children's librarian extraordinaire): "Hi, Oscar, what's up?"

O: "Do you have any books with buses?"

Bethany: "Let me check the computer to see what's in. [checks] Yes we do! A school bus book just came in. Should I get it for you from the back?"

O: "O-tay."
[Bethany goes to the back and gets a book, comes back with a Donald Crews Book about school buses -- this woman knows her books.]

O: [smiles big at the school bus book]

Bethany: "Will this one work?"

Still with a big smile on his face, O: "I'll take it!"
[Gives Bethany the library card that I gave him while she was retrieving the book, Bethany checks out the book. O turns back to me hugging his book.]

O: "I did it all by myself!" [Big toothy grin on both his face and Bethany's. ]

Life does not get better than this.