I heart Village Books

I've been stocking up on books to take with me to Malaysia. Apparently there are no libraries where I'm going.
So I've been hanging out a lot at my local indie book store, possibly the best local indie book store north of Powells in Portland:
Village Books.
Village Books has been named the best book store in Western Washington and for good reason. Three stories of awesome independent book store glory. Fantastic literature live events. Great service. And a sweet reader rewards club. Also there's a cafe on the top story with a cozy fireplace and sweeping views of Bellingham Bay. Life does not get much better than hanging out at Village Books.
These photos are from the walls just outside VB's front doors. So there's my plug. If you want to see VB for yourself, you'll have to come to Bellingham. And VB would be worth the trip alone.

I heart you, Village Books