The Wizard Of Oz, Kjersten-Style, From Sketch to Final Art: Glinda and Dorothy

This past summer I took part in the Nevada SCBWI mentor program. My assignment for the program was to illustrate three scenes from The Wizard Of Oz, interpreting the story however I wished. The program finished with a fantastic retreat in Virginia City where I had the opportunity to share my final original art with my mentor and fellow mentees (I loved that I got to see my peers' work after they had gone through the same process -- so fun and interesting!). The following is an abbreviated walk-through of parts of my process as I presented it to them.


The Text:
From Chapter II of the Wizard of Oz: The Council With The Munchkins (edited slightly to be more picture-book friendly, or in other words, more concise)
Dorothy began to sob, at this, for she felt lonely among all these strange people. So Glinda took off her cap and balanced the point on the tip of her nose. She counted "one, two, three!" And the cap changed to a slate on which was written:
I drew many pages of thumbnails to get an idea of my composition. None of the thumbnails pictured here were ones I ended up using, but they show the process.
Detailed Roughs:
After drawing lots of thumbnails I chose two I liked best.
Both had Dorothy and Glinda in prominent places. Since they are the main characters in the scene I drew them more cleanly, scanned them into photoshop and made rough drawings based on the two thumbnails I liked to help me choose which composition I liked more.
I ended up choosing the second composition because I liked how it showed the promise of Oz in the background. I thought it captured the spirit of the moment better.

Scenes from my sketchbook:

First Full Drawing:Revisions:
  • Changed the munchkins to have more variety in their expressions. Even though the original text suggested the munchkins were all sad for Dorothy, they would react to what Glinda was doing, and I needed to show that.
  • Changed the background so it had more depth -- a foreshadowing of the journey Dorothy is about to embark on.
Final Drawing:
Notes of interest: I was at liberty to interpret the Wizard of Oz how I chose. In the book, L. Frank Baum never refers to the Witch of the North as "Glinda." But we all know her as Glinda from the movie, so I edited the text to include her name.

Making the Final Art:

Final Collage:
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