Another idea from the schmooze:* Goal Buddies.
  1. Pick a goal buddy. Preferably somebody with a spine or someone willing to be stern. Stiffen your own spine and be ready to be stern in response.
  2. Trade 1 to 3 goals each month.
  3. When picking goals -- it's fine to stay simple. Like "I'll make 1 hour for marketing each week" or "I'll keep my internet surfing to the lunch hour" or "I'll make it to one networking event this month." It's also fine to be sweeping and bold: "I'll finish an entire draft of my dummy next month." But do choose goals that align with your biggest priorities, career-wise.
  4. Hold one another accountable.
  5. Devise some reward/penalty system that's playful and fun.
In the interest of full disclosure, while I did find a friend who is willing to be my goal buddy. We have not yet followed through with our goal-buddy assignment of holding one another accountable. I still think it's a good idea worth sharing. Hope it works for you!

*About this series:
There’s the researcher hat, the networking hat, the business hat, the editor hat and the art-spectator or the reader hat – whew! With so much other “work” to do, it can be difficult to find the time to actually write or do your artwork. This series talks about priorities and goal setting. How do you juggle all the aspects of your writing and/or art career? Inspired by a SCBWI WWA Bellingham Network Schmooze that took place in Sept, 2009.