(Writing from the airport on my way to Reno for my Nevada SCBWI mentor retreat!)

Suggestions for how to find the time to read a lot of books:

1.)Don't watch T.V.
Seriously, this is the biggest time-suck. I am often asked how I find the time to do all that I do. I think the number one thing I do that's different than the majority of other parents of young children I know is that I don't watch t.v. hardly at all. Nothing is wrong with the T.V. But if you wish you read more, and you like books more than you like t.v., try reading at night before you go to bed instead of watching T.V.

2.)Prioritize reading books over reading the internet.
I read a lot of blogs. I love blogs. But, sorry bloggers, I love reading books more. So I read them more. The world will not end if you fall behind reading your favorite blogs and you read a few posts at a time when you check in once a week or once a month.

3.)Make reading time sacred.
At the very least, I almost always read 15 minutes before bed (usually more unless I've got a back-log of work that I need to do late at night). When do you read?

4.) Listen to audio books while you are cleaning or doing art work.
I've been busy finishing up my illustrations for my SCBWI mentor program. I've listened to 5 audio books in the last couple of weeks while I made my collages. Life doesn't get better than listening to awesome books while making collages.

5.) Keep a book with you when you go to appointments so you can enjoy your book while waiting.
Duh. Doesn't this go without saying?

6.) Read books that make you want to read.
Stop reading what you think you should be reading and read what excites you to read. I honestly think we'd all read more if we dropped the pretense we "should" read certain things and just read what we love. Don't know what you love? Go to a good bookstore. Talk to a sales clerk. They will help you find something.

Happy Reading!

*About this series:
There’s the researcher hat, the networking hat, the business hat, the editor hat and the art-spectator or the reader hat – whew! With so much other “work” to do, it can be difficult to find the time to actually write or do your artwork. This series talks about priorities and goal setting. How do you juggle all the aspects of your writing and/or art career? Inspired by a SCBWI WWA Bellingham Network Schmooze that took place in Sept, 2009.