Here's a tip from the Bellingham Schmooze*, also from Barbara Davis-Pyles, one I had heard before but our discussion made me think about it in a new way:

Are you having a hard time getting going with a task? Set a timer for 15 minutes and commit to working on that task for 15 minutes.

I had always thought of this idea in terms of my artwork or writing in the past. I never really used it because I am usually eager to dive into my artwork or writing. But there are other tasks that are harder for me to tackle. Like cover letters. Or other business sorts of stuff. The timer has been helping.

I've also been using the timer with Yoga in the morning. Instead of committing to a few stretches (pretty vague). I set the timer for 15 minutes. It isn’t a lot of time, but it makes a huge difference. And the timer helps me not worry about how long I’ve been stretching or how long I’ll continue to stretch before moving on. I give up the worry of the clock. Now my morning habit to center myself has an easy routine feeling to it. And it's helped me feel focused and ready when I dive into my art afterward.

I liked thinking about the timer in a new way. One other thought -- maybe there's something on your schedule that you spend too much time on. Set a timer. When it goes off you are finished.

Speaking of which – time to finish up this post.

*About this series:
There’s the researcher hat, the networking hat, the business hat, the editor hat and the art-spectator or the reader hat – whew! With so much other “work” to do, it can be difficult to find the time to actually write or do your artwork. This series talks about priorities and goal setting. How do you juggle all the aspects of your writing and/or art career? Inspired by a SCBWI WWA Bellingham Network Schmooze that took place in Sept, 2009.