Treasure Hunt: Mosaics in The Bay Area

Artists don't only create. We seek. We search.
We seek for a different way to look at the world.
We seek for the old to be fresh again.
We seek for the fresh to also feel old.
We seek color. Rich color.
We seek texture. We seek movement.
We seek inspiration. We seek these things in our own work. We seek these things in others' work. We seek these things in the world.
So we treasure hunt. At least I do. Every now and then, especially while I'm traveling, I set my mind's dial towards a sort of treasure I seek. Maybe an aesthetic. Maybe a color. Maybe a texture.
Or maybe a medium that can teach me something about my own.

Then it's my job to stay open to the possibilities and opportunities that present themselves.
What is it that makes an artist's radar work?
Is it training? Is it fine-tuning one's eye to notice stuff? Is it dumb luck?
I'm not sure.

But I'm always grateful when I stumble upon the treasure I seek.

To be continued...