Kreativ Blogger

Weeks and weeks ago I mentioned that the talented Elisa of Pesky Cat Designs had given me a shout out on her blog in the form of a Kreativ Blogger award. Well hopefully this thing doesn't have an expiration date because I am weeks behind on following up with my end of the deal.

The rules of the Kreativ Blogger Award state that I have to list seven things I love and seven blogs I love. So, albeit very late, here they are!

Seven things I love:
1.) Bryce
2.) Oscar
3.) The rest of my family
4.) Reading, stories and especially picture books
5.) Handmade stuff
6.) Adventures
7.) Creativity, art

Seven blogs I love:

WAIT! what? Only seven? How on earth can I choose only seven...
Now you know why this took me so long. I have an embarrassing amount of blogs that I check in on now and then. This was no easy task.

1.) For challenging me and kicking my butt into gear:
The Art of Non-Conformity

2.) For comforting me like a nice warm drink on a cold day:
[Added 8/17/09: Thought I'd mention that this blog is also SUPER inspirational]
Superhero Designs

3.) For making the quirky, creative side of me happy to extremes:
Geek Crafts

4.) For catching the zeitgeist of American culture in a creative way:
The Baby Name Wizard Blog

5.) For keeping my picture book reading list up-to-date:
The ACPL Mock Caldecott Blog

6.) For fantastic links and pictures of paper art from all over the world wide web:
All Things Paper

7.) For keeping me updated on the kid litosphere, local kid-lit events and SCBWI:
The New Chinook Update Blog

Thanks again, Elisa.
And Thanks to everyone out there who bothers to share their art or process through blogging.