In honor of the recently finished Tour De France bike race I thought I'd put up some pictures from one of my favorite travel journals: The YELLOW journal.
My best friend from high school got married in Italy in 2004, a week before the Tour de France started. Thanks Anissa! I went to her wedding and then headed North to watch some of the opening stages of the Tour. I traveled with my sister and my hubby.
The journal from that trip was the first that I made as I went. I took only some yellow plain paper and some water color paper with me. The rest I found and added as I went.
And boy, did I find as I went! I was only in Europe for 3 weeks, but the journal was so fun to make and collect stuff for that I rejected editing. As a result this book is humongous thick!
And yet, it's one of the best journals I've ever made.

Editing is almost always a good thing (especially when you are a picture book writer). But maybe not when you are just playing. Playing is raw and fun and leads to good things with art. When I'm playing (especially in my journal), sometimes I gotta just let myself make my work thick. I can always edit later.
Or, I suppose in this case: