Are you familiar with Antoni Gaudí, the famous Spanish architect?
Both times I've visited Barcelona, I've felt swept into the dreamland of Gaudí's spaces.
Gaudí's buildings feel like organic living creatures.
There's no such thing as "living in a box" with Gaudí. His buildings curve, twist, spiral and sparkle.
And they are often covered in mosaics.
My husband recently dissected why he thinks I like mosaics so much:
Pottery (my first passion in art) + collage (my home in art) = mosaics.
Imagine a world full of spaces that feel alive. Nice.

My sister got engaged at Gaudí's Park Güell the day before we left Spain. The dusk light gilded the evening perfectly. To top the trip off, on our last day, we visited Casa Batlló -- the inside of it. When I was in Spain 10 years ago it wasn't open to the public. Wow.

Here's a fitting quote for a travel journal series.
It's written in the last page of my journal from Spain: