SUMMER FRIDAY TRAVEL JOURNAL SERIES: Collecting Junk to Glue In Your Journal

Want to know the easiest way to make a cool travel journal?
Collect random paper junk wherever you go and glue it in a book.
Don't even worry about making it look cool.
It will be exactly what you want: a great way to remember your trip.
I worked on some of the above collages in this 900-yr-old building (a partial castle!), a few hours north of Barcelona :
Here's my sister and I using our glue sticks:
Years ago I found one of my favorite quotes on journaling in the front of the awesome picture book, Dear Diary, by Sara Fanelli. I think it's fitting to this post:

"The habit of recording is first of all likely to generate a desire to have something of some interest to record; it will exercise the memory and sharpen the understanding generally; and though the thoughts may not be very profound, nor the remarks very lively and ingenious, nor the narrative of exceeding interest, still the exercise is, I think, calculated to make the writer wiser and perhaps better." -- Charles C. F. Greville (from diary, Jan 2, 1838)

When I'm looking for stuff to glue in my journal, I'm looking at little details around me more. I notice other things too. Things that don't have a paragraph in a guidebook, but can be just as cool. Pretty details like the shelves in my Grandma's room at the castle:
Those who like the collecting-junk-and-gluing-it-in-your-journal thing idea might enjoy these two books:

Found by Davy Rothbart (who also works on the awesome "Found" website & magazine)


Evidence: The Art Of Candy Jernigan published by Chronicle Books.