(Finally) The Summer Smackdown Update

I DID IT! (although I'm reporting on it late). I did indeed crack the whip in the June Summer Revision Smackdown organized by my writer friends, Jolie and Holly.

My original goal for June was to revise 10 drawings (2 a week) in my dummy work in progress, either by fixing the composition if that was what was needed most, or by cleaning up the sketch, if I already liked the composition. About half way through the month I revised my goal to include my Nevada Mentor program assignment -- I wanted to finish the first stage of the assignment by the end of the month. I figured I'd trade the assignment for one week's worth of drawings.

How did I do?
Pretty darn awesome.

I revised 9 drawings in my dummy work-in-progress, 7 of which I cleaned up and now only need a few finishing continuity fixes. The other two I fixed the composition issues but still need to clean up. Also, extra pat on the back: I guess technically I did more than 9 according my own guidelines: 3 of the 7 cleaned up drawings I also fixed major composition issues for, so I kind of did double duty for those 3. Pat on the back for me.

I finished stage one of my mentor program assignment. I have some pictures...
Check back tomorrow. They need their own post I think. They were crazy amounts of fun to do.

So I feel great! I'm so happy that Jolie and Holly got my butt in gear. THANKS, ladies!
I blushed when I read that they gave me an honorable mention for the werplash award. Shucks, that felt good. THANKS AGAIN!

But I think I said it in the comments somewhere, the best award is the work finished. Truly.

Some things I learned/confirmed/was reminded of:
  • The to-do list that does not include my top priorities is a to-do list worthy of slacking off on. Such a to-do list means I need to simplify or something. Or something.
  • I work well in a messy studio.
  • Having a community to cheer you on is a really energizing and helpful thing.
  • Cheering others on simultaneously is also energizing and helpful
  • If you wait until you have "time to do something" important to you, you will never have time. Time needs to be carved for things that no one is holding you accountable for but yourself.
Now time for the darkside. What did I do that was naughty?
Some confessions:
  • I stayed up until 4 AM one Thursday night to meet my weekly goal (I find this to be rather embarrassing for some reason) and it was really fun to do so. BUT! Probably not that good for my person; artists need to take care of themselves. So do mommies.
  • I broke the cardinal rule of "Don't skip yoga class for work, yoga is good for you," one week to meet my goals. Again: Probably not that good for my person; artists need to take care of themselves. So do mommies.
  • I did not do any dishes or wash clothes for about 2 weeks. Ahem. Rude to my family. BUT! I have a patient husband (he's the cook). Thanks, Bryce. And on a related note:
  • (This is so embarrassing) My mom visited several times during the month of June and on at least 3 occasions, cleaned up after me. I'm really old enough that she shouldn't have to do that.
  • And perhaps worst of all (well maybe not as bad as asking my mom to clean up a week's worth of dishes), In order to finish my goals, I ditched out on a to-do list item that relates to hustling my work. And I confess I've ditched out on this item for many months. Hey illustrators out there -- how often do you send sample mailings? I bet it's more often than I do. That is lame of me. Getting work done is great. But not showing anyone any of the work you do is lame. Alright, accountability Gods. I officially post this on the internet for all to see: I will get a sample mailing sent out by the end of August. I promise. There.
And just so I don't end on those confession notes...

Jolie and Holly were kind enough to offer a more chill version of the smackdown this month, and I'm psyched because I'm traveling a bunch this month and I need something to keep me on task while I'm at home. So...

Goals for July and where I'm at with them:
  • re-visioned draft of a picture book manuscript I've been working on for a long time (DONE, LAST WEEK)
  • Two more revised drawings for my dummy work-in-progress (ALMOST FINISHED 1 LAST WEEK)
  • Stage 2 of my mentor program assignment (COMING SOON)
So that's how the summer's treating me, work-wise. It feels so different than summers crowded with craft-show line-ups. For all my crafty friends out there selling their goods under tents: ROCK ON! Long live handmade.

P.S. There is not a single dirty dish in my kitchen right now. You don't have to worry about my mom this week.