Whip of the Week!

YAY! I won "Whip Of The Week" along with author, Helen Landalf, in the "Summer Revision Smackdown" I'm participating in.

Thanks for the great pat on the back, Holly and Jolie! And congrats, fellow winner Helen!

And I'll tell you what, the whole thing has already given me a super prize:
LOTS OF WORK FINISHED! Lots of time spent drawing last week.

Here's an exerpt of what I wrote in the comments on Holly's blog. I post it here mostly because I love the quote from Kevan Atteberry and I want to share it here, too.

Here's one way to get a lot of revision finished: 1. Have a long to-do list of other stuff that doesn't seem as fun as (*ahem*) drawing.2. Have Holly and Jolie give you a permission slip to slack off on that long to-do list by working on revising that dummy you love to work on.3. Take up drawing. I think it was Kevan Atteberry who said at the conference, "what artist walks in their studio and says, shoot I think I have to draw today. Bummer." Certainly not this one. Drawing is what I do to procrastinate on other stuff.Thanks for the permission slip, Holly and Jolie.Now. I have a dusty to-do list of other stuff that REALLY needs to be tackled today.

Now it's Monday (I love Mondays) and I get to go "back to the drawing table" and revise some more. More DRAWING to do!

Happy, writing, drawing and crafting everybody. Happy Monday!