Smackdown Update

I love Holly and Jolie's Summer Revision Smackdown. I have gotten so much of my dummy work-in-progress revised in the past two weeks that I can actually fathom polishing it up by the end of the summer (sooner?). How's that for awesome?

I didn't get as much done quantity-wise as last week, but I met my goal. And this week, floating high from my "Whip Of The Week" success, I tackled the hard stuff. So it took longer per drawing. I'm revved up to keep working at it next week. Thanks every one who's participating for all the encouragement and camaraderie. I'm rooting for you too.

P.S. I learned that my other pat on the back last week was actually a passing of the Kreativ Blogger award. So I get to feature a few blogs here and pass out a few pats on the back, myself. I'm still sorting out how to choose. Coming soon.