When your heart is in your work, your work is better.

I've been making quite a few custom books lately that have been bombdigity fun to make. My photo equipment has not been set up so I keep forgetting to take pictures of these books. Which in turn makes me sad because after I've sent the books off to thier new homes I always wish I could post a picture (even if it's not a super-sleek craft show jury quality picture) and announce to the universe:

"Universe, this is the kind of book I like to make. I can put my heart into this kind of work, and therefore the work has heart too. Please provide my muse with more projects like this one. Thank you."

Today, before I shipped out the latest, I remembered to take pictures, even if the background and lighting weren't ideal because my photography equipment is not set up and I don't have the space or time right now to set the equipment up.
This book was an etsy order for a woman who is planning a unique kite-themed sort of wedding. Awesome! I was so honored that she chose me to make her guest book. She wanted me to have it compliment the invitations that her friend designed. This is what I made:

I LOVE that I got to make this book (thanks, Jenna! I hope you like it).

I'm curious if other etsy artists have found that when you show photos of the work you most like to make (as long as it's your current best) that you tend to get orders that are also of the type you most like to make.

When your heart is in your work, your work is better.