Cuevas Al Jatib

From FEB 17, 2009: Drove along the coast of the Mediterranean of Spain in a 9 passenger van and stayed in a CAVE!
I love staying in unusual locations. Anything that re-frames the way I'm thinking tends to set my creative juices flowing.And so was true for Cuevas Al Jatib in Southeastern Spain near Baza!
There were also some pretty awesome steam baths in the caves. I want to go back to this place and have a crafty retreat!

Also -- Some crafty goodness from the drive that day:

I gave this handmade journey doll to my Grandmother. The journey doll carries lucky charms or good wish notes in her messenger bag. She's made to remind travelers that they have company and well wishes on a journey. She was made by my friend Amelia (Amelia doesn't have a website or I'd link you to her here -- Amelia sells journey dolls at local small craft shows). Grandma's Journey Doll brought us luck right away. Once I got her out we found a big road map book that made up for our really bad GPS system.