Church Bells, Narrow Streets and Framed Haiku

A couple of inspirations and pretty things from my trip to Spain...
From Feb 19, 2009:

Church bells in the Andalucian white hill towns:

Narrow roads (we squeezed our nine-passenger van through this street):
And the beautiful hotel we stayed at in Arcos De La Frontera, La Casa Grande. Parts of the building (like the well) date back to the renaissance. There was a roof-top terrace, Haiku poems framed on the walls, and beautiful Moroccan lamps.I also ate one of the top handful of best meals I've ever eaten at a spanish/morroccan restaurant called "La Taberna de Boabdil" that night. Good food is definitely inspirational. No?

*Update*: I realized the poem picture I took is not haiku... It's a cool poem though, no?