A Travel Journal Kit

Goals while packing for Spain (a few weeks ago):
1. Bring hardly any extra clothes
2. Bring way too many art supplies

I've gotten into a habit of making travel journals as I go. Instead of showing up at my destination with a book ready to be filled, I show up with supplies. Loose paper. Pens. Glue. Scissors. Paint. I brought it all with me on my recent trip to Spain.

I've got some fun arty/crafty/whimsy inspiration to share from my trip. Lots of collages. I'll post travel stuff in-between other posts for the next couple of weeks. Join me for the trip!

Travel journal packing list:
-colorful pens
-pencil sharpener
-colorful pen case
-funky pattern-cutting mini-scissors
-watercolor set
-small tubes of acrylics
-glue sticks
-photo squares --ESSENTIAL
-new travel water color brushes -- AWESOME! LOVED THEM
-scrappy acrylic brushes
-colored pencils
-date stamp and ink
-set of mini-letter stamps and ink
-lots of mix-match paper
-sewing needles

Oh ya, I also started with a cover this time. I made it using an old poster I bought when I was in Barcelona 10 years ago. I also used my sewing machine. Having the cover ahead of time gave me some guidelines for size as I collaged the pages.

To be continued...