La Sagrada Família

FIVE things I did on Feb 16, 2009 (in Barcelona): NUMBERS 3, 4 and 5

3. Visited Gaudi's La Sagrada Família...
Antoni Gaudí's work inspires me like few others. He combined organic shapes, color and architecture in a way makes buildings feel alive.
The cathedral is still being built, over 100 years after it was started (1882). A few modern architects have added their own flare and interpretations of Gaudí's original plans. I wonder if I'll live to see its finish?
On this visit (I visited once 10 years ago), I was especially inspired by the exhibit that showed how Gaudí used natural science to examine things in nature and then translated that into his work.

Here I am with one of my favorite parts of the facade:
4. Ate mussels cooked in Austerian cider served with fries at a special mussel restaurant.

5. Walked by a few of other Gaudí's buildings, Casa Batlló, La Pedrera and stopped at the Church of Colònia Güell (also a Gaudí building)* on the way out of town in our 9 passenger van.
*A note on this -- the Church of Colònia Güell was one of my favorite places I visited in Spain 10 years ago. Unfortunately, during this visit, the hours were wrong on the signs (it said it should have been open, but it wasn't) so we were unable to go in. Stay tuned for more on the other places mentioned here...