Better Late Than Never... Show and tell from Spain


5 things I did on Valentine's day*:
  1. Flew to Portland (awesome flight attendant named Pattie).
  2. Gave Bryce a Handmade "rain in Spain" card for Valentine's day.
  3. Put on a temporary tattoo.
  4. Watched 3 bad movies on a very long flight. Consolation: one of the movies took place in Barcelona.
  5. Flew to Frankfurt

I gave Bryce the card in the Portland airport (after taking a bus from Bellingham and a plane from Seattle) as we waited to board the plane to go to Frankfurt to go to Barcelona.

We definitely over thought which temporary tattoo to put on which person's arm:

Bryce: I can't remember which one was which. Was Juliet the Capulet or the Montague?

Me: I should know this.

Bryce: Hmm...

Me: Okay, in the famous balcony scene, Juliet says something like 'thou art thyself though, not a Montague, what's Montague?' so that means Juliet was the Capulet.

Bryce: So I'll wear the Montague one.

High fives. Apply tattoos.

Me: Wait... if I'm Capulet and I put the Capulet tattoo on myself doesn't that mean I'm in love with myself? We messed up!

Bryce: Crap! Wait... No one really cares.

Me: I care.

Bryce: Oh well.

And thus began our trip!

5 things I did the day after Valentine's day (Feb 15, 2009)*:
  1. Delicious tea in the Frankfurt airport (I guess it was morning). Bryce drank 1L of beer.
  2. Buttery croissant -- yummy! And at the airport even!
  3. Frankfurt airport is a maze of confusion. It took us one hour to find our gate.
  4. No order to loading the plane. BIG MOB pushing frantically, FRANTICALLY! As if entering a backstage first-come-first-serve thing for Bono. Crazy! We sat it out and waited.
  5. We flew to Barcelona in the afternoon...

*copied (mostly) from my journal