Another Great SCBWI meeting in Western Washington

When I work on crafty stuff or non-heady arty stuff I listen to:
Last night at the SCBWI WWA meeting my friend Tony presented a mini-session on social networking, blogs, podcasts and more. He did an awesome job and he showed a screen-capture from this very blog! Thanks, Tony! My carpool had a fun discussion on the way home regarding a writer's presence on the internet.

After Tony spoke, the amazing Bonny Becker generously shared with us the revision process she is currrently going through for one of several follow-up books to A VISITOR FOR BEAR (one of my absolute favorite books of 2008). I reap enormous benifit from watching my fellow critique group members work through the revision process so it was a huge treat to get a glimpse into the way Bonny works.

If you haven't read A VISITOR FOR BEAR, go check it out! It's about a big grumpy bear who thinks he hates visitors but a most persistent and plesent mouse works his way into Bear's home and heart. The book is a cozy friend you want to return to over and over again. Here's a fun piece NPR did on it. (There, now. I've come full circle with this post. Perfect practice in story-telling for those who don't get the value of keeping a blog).