David Macaulay Exhibit at the Tacoma Art Museum

The weekend before last I went to see the David Macaulay Exhibit, THE WAY HE WORKS, at the Tacoma Art Museum! Here's a page from my journal:
The museum was offering free admission to anyone who brought a book to donate to Page Ahead, a great organization that gives books to kids who may not otherwise be able to own many books. I donated a copy of Paul Zelinsky's The Story Of Mrs. Lovewright and Purrless Her Cat.

Can I just say, Tacoma Art Museum Rocks. It seems that they've been doing quite a few of these illustrator exhibits over the past few years and they do such an awesome job with them. GO SEE THE EXHIBIT!

My favorite things about the David Macaulay exhibit:
  • The flat-file like drawers set up throughout the exhibit. You can open drawers and see sketches mixed amongst finished art.
  • The scrap-book wall. It is meant to mimic the way Macaulay lays out his research on his own wall. It included sketches, photos, and all sorts of misc. interesting stuff.
  • All those pretty architecture drawings up on the walls and surrounding me like a big cool not-quite-finished framework of a building. I love architecture. When I was a kid I wanted to either be an author/illustrator or an architect. I used to collect house floor plans from the real-estate magazines or classified sections of the newspaper advertising open-houses. So as you can imagine, I love David Macaulay and his work.
  • And my most favorite part of all? The video chronicling the evolution of Macaulay's book, Rome Antics. Before this exhibit, I was mostly familiar with Macaulay's various building books and his awesome masterpiece, The Way Things Work. But I LOVE LOVE LOVE Rome (my husband and I met there) and I love the way the pigeon in this book travels through the city to deliver a message to someone. It's like I'm a traveler in Rome all over again. Only I also have wings.
So I bought a copy of Rome Antics from the Museum gift shop (as a thank-you to the museum for bringing such awesome exhibits to Washington State) and I've added the book to my favorite-books list.

The other book of Macaulay's that I think isn't as well known but I love and I want to mention in this post is called Building The Book Cathedral. It's about his process of making the more well-known book, Cathedral. It shows his dummies and pre-drawing sketches and talks about his trials and errors in creating the actual picture book -- it's a sort-of journal. I think anyone who's a picture-book creator should definitely check it out. Especially if you love cathedrals as much as I do.

As a side-story I must add that my awesome husband surprised me with that book for Christmas many years ago. He picked it out and found it himself, no hints or wish-lists from me. What made it even more awesome was that I hadn't even heard of the book then (which isn't like me when it comes to awesome picture books that are exactly my taste). Isn't it amazing when a loved one gives you the most perfect of perfect gifts?
My sister took these photos at Chartres Cathedral several years ago (don't worry she didn't use flash). My favorite is the one of me walking the labyrinth. I also like the blue light from the stained glass shining on my foot.