Sorry to the B-Hamsters out there!

To the wonderful SCBWI people of Bellingham -- your Great Critique (The Northern Edition) reminder and monthly newsletter will be one day late. Look for them tomorrow (Tuesday). Sorry for the inconvenience.

To me: congrats. You made your own goal.

At the start of the new year I was kind of down in the dumps for not meeting the goal I set in December. I rationalized and whatnot but I guess I simultaneously realized I had missed some 2008 personal goals regarding illustration samples, and that felt a lot worse. The combo of misses made me restless. I am a goal-oriented person. I like to complete my goals. But I brushed myself off. I decided to skip the whole pouting thing and instead I rolled up my sleeves and got to work.

Despite having lots of other stuff to do, I set a new goal of getting at least my book dragon illustration samples finished by Jan 20 (which still would leave/leaves my studio a disaster -- I had planned to deep clean and space clear in January and it would leave/leaves two weeks to deal with the annoying destination sales tax forms that are new this year for Washington State -- but that's a different story...).

At any rate I chose what matters most to me and it feels good. It's 12:19am on Jan 20. And I did it! My book dragons are finished. I also had this idea about documenting the process as I went and creating a video/journal about the process. I thought it might be fun to do for future picture books of mine (dream dream dream). But that is all for another post.

This is the apology/explanation/pat-on-the-back post that nobody really cares to read anyway -- except for me. It's a can-do spirit reminder.

I'll post soon about The Book Dragon...