Snowed in, sick and sipping tea

First the gripes:
Poor me. I'm sick this week. And my son was sick all week too. I got little to no work done (except for today -- today I drew and drew and drew). So, while my holly jolly goal looks sadly out of reach right now, who knows? Maybe it's for the best that I take some time to take it easy...

Which leads to the grins:
Even though we were sick, my son and I, we were cozy. It snowed here all week and it rarely snows here. When it snows everything shuts down and happy people bask in the beauty of it while grumpy people fuss (I've done both at different times over the years). While we couldn't go outside to play (because of the sick) we looked out the window lots. The snow sparkled and whisked around in the wind. I drank lots of tea. We both enjoyed the lights on the Christmas tree. My husband fixed us lots of good food.
Instead of work this week, I read stories to my son. Lots and lots and lots of them. He couldn't seem to get enough stories. And with that, how can I really complain? It was a good week.