Back to the drawing table

Even though I haven't done craft shows this fall (BTW -- I am missing them this year -- they are so festive and fun), I do still have orders (which I love) and I'm a mommy who doesn't work full time. Yet look what I accomplished with my writing and illustating in November anyway! How great is that?

I spent the whole day yesterday scanning my new drawings, working the text into the compositions to see where my compositions lacked room for text, and reviewing what needs to be revised (a lot). It's probably time to let it sit for awhile and focus on something else so when I come back to it, I'll have a fresh mind and can see the problems more clearly. But it feels so great to see it all put together, even in it's imperfect state.

Anyway, I think I need another goal for December. I was just thinking that very thing this morning and then my friend, Jolie, posted her own December goal on her blog. She inspired me to make it official.

How about if I try to make three new illustration samples in December. THREE! That may be a lot when I have other work to do. Plus, for anyone who doesn't know this -- collage can be time-consuming. But what a holly jolly way to end the year -- to try. It's like a Christmas present to myself -- give myself permission to clear time for something important to me.

So wish me luck on my "Holly Jolly Goal." Today, I begin!