Website Update

The SCBWI WWA Bellingham Network had a schmooze last week that focused on a writer's presence on the internet. I got a bunch of ideas for my website that night.

So after a full day of drawing and working on my dummy (yay, my son was better today), I gave my drawing muscles a break and stayed up late tinkering and making some improvements to my regular website.

New stuff:
  • I made it so my home page features the current illustration of the month and handmade book of the week from this blog.
  • I fixed up the goodies page (although I still need to post the handout from my creative journaling presentation). I especially like the old goofy picture I put up on this page.
  • I changed the "news" tab in the header menu to say "blog," I moved the stuff from that section into my goodies section and now I have a tab in the header menu that directly links folks here!
Okay, now I'm off to bed. Maybe I'll get some more drawing done during my son's naptime tomorrow...