Tree Houses

I love what I do. Today, I'm working on my golden cup goal that I posted a few days ago. The dummy I'm working on has a shack kind of tree-house in it. So I'm doing a bit of research.

I always feel that I should somehow put quotes around that word in terms of my work:


Try this. Go to Google images. Type in "tree house." Surf for a while. Draw a few sketches. Repeat with something like "shack" or "shanty town."

That's a sample of how I "research."

Lest you think it's all fun and games though, putting all this "research" together into something meaningful and fitting for my book is a bit like giving birth. You are not sure at all how it will happen, when it will happen, but it will be VERY hard to do, no matter what. Only unlike birth, it isn't inevitable. You may do all the work and nothing may come of it...

Which believe me, can be a let down. But it's a fun journey. And hopefully something will come of it.