Handmade Book of the week Nov 15 - 21, 2008

Be Bold!
I've had this book in my Etsy shop for awhile. But I'm posting it for this week's book of the week because I love it. For some reason I haven't sold this type of book via my website much, even though they are hugely popular at craft shows. I think it's the kind of book that's best held and looked through if you want to appreciate it's value.

Anyway, I make this my book of the week because I'm thinking of keeping it. If no one buys in in the next few weeks, it'll be mine. It's a book I made for writers, it has a writer theme. I love the way "Bold" refers to both a kind of being and a kind of typeface. I love all the goofy little writing references inside. So, I'm making it as my book of the week to give people one last chance. This book is going to be mine if it doesn't sell soon.

Anyway, all that aside this is an upcycled/reclaimed book. I've torn out the pages on a very-out-of-date freebie book that I took from the free shelf at the library and now have given a new life. There's fun colorful pages inside, interesting visual surprises throughout and It's a darn cool journal.

To see more photos or to buy the book (which would be okay too -- it is still for sale and it makes me happy to sell my favorite books because then I can make more that are similar), click here.