ADDED AFTER THE FACT: Today was another BIC day. If the title of this post is confusing at first, it's because when I started this post, I still hadn't reached my Golden Coffee Cup Goal. I posted updates throughout the day. The beginning of this post starts with me looking back on my BIC experiment last Friday.

Things I learned from my timed-BIC (butt in chair) experiment last Friday:
  • When I forced myself to just keep drawing no matter how much I thought I didn't know what to do next, stuff came out. It made me work through the problems instead of avoiding them by doing something else for awhile. It felt good.
  • I also tended to play with composition more. With many of the spreads I was thumbnail-ing, I found that the forced quickness resulted in more good options for compositions (albeit pretty sloppy) than I had expected.
  • I also learned that the slow work I did earlier in the month was really important in laying the groundwork for my understanding of the setting, characters, and all the pieces of the story -- when I drew fast on Friday, I could because I knew well enough what the canoe looked like, or the characters, or the riverbank (or whatever), that I could make quick approximate sketches of them for mostly compositional purposes.
  • I found that while I could sustain focus longer than I thought possible and get more done than I thought possible in one day, by the end of the day I was through in a big way. The final work was kind of bad. It's good to know my limits.
  • I suspect that because the drawings for this dummy had been germinating in my head for a very long time, working fast forced me to bring out solutions I had kind of already worked through but had not given a concrete form to. Does that make sense? Working fast made me just get it out. But there was something to get out. And the "something" only came out because it had long been fostered into a sort of being in my head. I don't think it would all come out point blank, or if it would, I don't know that I'd be as satisfied with it.
So anyway, I'm very satisfied with how my experiment in BIC worked on Friday. It will soon be time to stop the quick stuff and go back and work out the details. But I think my dummy would benefit from one more crazy timed and speedy output day like last Friday. Plus then I would make my Golden Coffee Cup Goal by the end of November and that would make me feel pretty golden indeed.

I'm aiming for fewer drawings today mostly because I don't have very many spreads left to thumbnail. I'll come back and update this post through-out the day to record how it goes. Wish me luck! I'm off to the drawing table...

UPDATE 12:20 PM: So far, so slow... I've been having a hard time sticking with the timer today. But! I have gotten some good drawing done. I'm hungry and need lunch right now. I'm counting on a better afternoon.

UPDATE 2:22 PM: Looking good. Just one remaining spread to make potential thumbnail compositions for. Surely I can get this done before the end of my workday. However, my inner editor is starting to come out. I see all the places that I want to improve previous "rough" thumbnails. I keep going back and fussing with what I already have done. That's not drafting. That's revising.


I confess I took a break from drawing after my last update and worked on some other stuff. But I also went back to drawing after a little break. And -- I finished! YAY YAY Yay! I finished! I finished today's goal and I finished the month's goal. A draft.

Golden Coffee Cup Goal: check! And after thinking it was impossible too. I still had a bunch of evenings I could have (maybe) squeezed in work time over the holiday. But no matter now, because I finished my draft and my goal and I feel good good good.

Next up for this dummy: revision.