Spooky Book: Journal Inspiration of the month, Ocotber 2008

I said I'd start posting photos now and then of my own personal journals and photo albums.
So why not try a new feature to my blog: Journal Inspiration of the month!
In honor of Halloween, I'm starting off with Oscar's Spooky Book (Oscar is my son).
The book itself is a rather standard (and very cool) screwpost - scrapbook. But the contents are interesting. I gotta give my sister props because she helped me to make this one and it was her idea.
Every year I'll put pictures of Oscar from Halloween. Since he's only 18 months old, I've only got one "entry" so far.
This book will track Oscar's costumes and it's already a fun thing to put out at Halloween.

Now think about ideas for journals where you add an entry only once-a-year.
What kind would inspire you?