I Wasn't Always A Paper Artist...

A bunch of my SCBWI writer friends have been posting their high school senior pictures on their blogs. Here's mine:

My Uncle Billy took these.

My uncle is a professional photographer. He does lots of architectural stuff and Chinese stock photography for magazines and such. But he's really nice and often agrees to be the official photographer for family events.

I loved my senior pictures. My uncle captured just perfectly who I was at the time. He even took quite a few pictures of me with my friends. I have all the photos in a handmade book I made a few years ago:

The patches on this book are all ones I used to have attached to my backpack in high school.

The only sad thing about my senior pictures was that we didn't get them taken in time for the yearbook deadline. I wanted a picture for the yearbook so I went to the free photo session my high school provided. They took three pictures, real fast, all in a row. I got to choose between the three. There were two where my eyes were closed and one where I wasn't smiling. I choose the non-smiling one. I hated it.

A couple of years ago I found a notebook with some creative writing essays I wrote for a senior English project in high school. I folded them up and put them in envelopes that I attached every few pages in the handmade book here.

I guess it's kind of a yearbook itself -- only handmade and way cooler than the one with the non-smiling photo in it. I wished I had had my friends sign this book instead of the school's version.

Maybe someday some arty high school kid out there who buys one of my handmade books will make their own yearbook too. Maybe their friends can sign it and I can live vicariously...