Handmade Books of the week Oct 10 - 17, 2008

Yay! I'm reinstating my Handmade Book of The Week segment on my blog. I'll at least keep it going from now until Christmas.
This week I'm featuring 15 ticket stub journals, pictured above. I thought since I've taken a few months off from this segment, I'd highlight enough books to make up for lost time.
A ticket stub journal is a small book, slightly larger than your average ticket stub, with empty pages meant to be filled with -- you guessed it -- stubs. In it you can store ticket stubs from sporting events, movies, fairs, plays, museums, concerts, tours or whatever else you can think of.
The ticket stub journal pictured here is an example journal that I've filled so you can see how the ticket stubs look inside my ticket stub journals. The ones I sell are, of course, blank inside.

I suggest mounting tickets by using a glue stick, double stick tape or photo mounting squares (found at craft stores). It's also a good idea to make a note on the page about who went with you to whatever you went to -- It will make your journal even more special.
I'll be putting up at least one of these books every week in my etsy shop from now through Christmas (along with up-coming books of the week). To buy a ticket stub journal or for more photos check out my etsy shop.