My family drove to the Canadian Rockies during the last week in September. Along one of the stunning and inspiring roads, we happened upon a small field of cairns.
For those who don't hike: a cairn is a stack of rocks that usually is built along a hiking trail in order to help hikers find their way. They are built at spots on the path that are confusing or where you might mistakenly go straight when you were meant to turn or where you might turn when you were meant to go straight. They are happy little path-marker sculptures.
But the impromptu cairn sculptures we found here didn't really mark a path. It was more like they marked a viewpoint.
Maybe they marked the viewpoint as part of the path, the path being the parkway on the beautiful road between Lake Louise and the Columbia Ice Fields.
I had to stop. I decided to build a few.
I couldn't resist.
In my most wishful dreams I hope that some of my art marks the view as part of the path for someone, somewhere, sometime.