New Dummy!

Yesterday I printed out and put together a beautiful new dummy of my story WHEN WALTER WAVES. Sure, I had made this dummy before, but this one is really truly revised in such a satisfying way I just want to jump up and down. It has come so far since its earliest versions. I keep reading it and re-reading it. And then I read the earlier versions to compare. It feels good.

I've never followed through with revision the way I have with this story. I've learned so much by doing so. Even if I never publish this piece, the learning that went into the revision process has made the whole thing worth while and hopefully will improve the next piece I work on. In fact, I can't wait to have another dummy more complete so I can take another satisfying trip down the path of revision. Am I really saying this? Yes, I am. I liked doing the revision. Oh not at first -- It was hard. It was not obvious and took a lot of effort and stages. I really thought at one point, actually fairly early in the revision process, that there just wasn't anything else I could possibly do to make this piece better. How wrong I was! I feel stretched. Like I've done Yoga with my picture book or something. So pat on the back for me! Yea!

What changed? Well, lots. But for this post allow me to address a change that took place in me, the author. The biggest change in me: a new-found humility in my writing process. Realizing that I need to make changes at all. Don't get me wrong. I didn't have a big head before or anything, if you had asked me about revision I would have said, "it's very important." But I didn't get it in the way that you get something when you actually go through it and see it for real. And I didn't get that I didn't get it.

I have a really grateful heart when it comes to this change. Alleluia!

Okay. Enough about me and my changes. Next post: more about my new pretty dummy and its changes.