Illustration of the Month: July, 2008

This month's illustration of the month is a remake of an old illustration of the month:

In fact, this month I reworked all of the color samples for my WHEN WALTER WAVES story.

It was an interesting exercize in color palette. There was nothing wrong with the old images, color-wise, as samples on their own, but I felt like they were a little in-your-face bold to fit with the gentler story they accompany. Instead, I wanted to soften the colors and give the images a warm quality to them. I felt that such a palette better matched Walter's experience in the book. A writer/illustrator tells a story through so much more than words. To make a book the best that it can be, it's best to tell the story through all aspects of the pictures -- even the color palette.

The hardest part about the whole thing has been making reproductions. Goodness how I've tinkered with the repros this time. Usually I just make a color copy and it looks great. These illustrations were too large for the color copier so I had to make a digital image using a large format flatbed scanner at a local imaging shop. I won't get into too much nerdy detail here but let's just say I prefer using the good-old color copier to all this tinkering!