Refreshing an old illustration

Every once in a while I like to take a fairly old illustration sample and try a do-over. It's fun to see how I can improve an old idea or an old composition. It's also fun to see how my work has grown in an easy-to-compare-with-old-stuff format. The illustration I've been working on this week has an extra challenge involved: I'm trying something new with a light-source in the composition. I'll have pictures to post soon.

This week I've also been working on revisions for my WHEN WALTER WAVES dummy based on suggestions from critiques I received at the recent WW SCBWI conference. I've been playing with the color palette to adjust the mood somewhat. It's teaching me a lot about color palettes and moods. I think it's similar to the make-an-old-illustration over again thing: it's easy to compare with old stuff so I'm learning a lot through the process.

So it's been a week of hands-on learning by way of the revision process. Cool.