New Journals and a new Retail Outlet

I dove into journal production mode (post-conference catch-up) last week and finished over 20 new handmade books!

This photo is of a sampling of some of the new books I made. Most pictured here will be for sale at The Bunch Store located in the Bellingham neighborhood of Fairhaven. The Bunch Store is in the process of renovating and spiffing up their store. If you live in the Bellingham area, check out the changes on Girls Night Out, a breast cancer awareness event, in Fairhaven on Thursday evening, May 8th, or go into the Bunch on Saturday, May 10th, during the day -- they are having a fun open house.

I haven't sold at retail stores in a while and have considered doing a limited amount of wholesale or consignment again since taking a hiatus from craft shows when my son was born. So here's to The Bunch!

In preparation for bringing my work to The Bunch Store this past week, I also made a sample flip-out book (pictured here) for the store to use. I've sold these books to many people who intended to use them as baby brag books so I tried making one as a brag book myself. I love the way it can fan out on a shelf. Fun, fun, fun.

In addition to the journals I made for The Bunch Store, I made many new books to post in my own online shop. I'll be starting a new feature here soon called, "Journal of the Week," where I'll post a photo of a recently finished book that I'll add to my etsy shop that same week.

Happy journaling everybody!