Cleaning, clearing and gathering

What's up this week? And why oh why do I bother putting this on a blog?

Second question first: Mostly I bother writing what I've been up to week to week because it helps me see what I'm accomplishing as I'm working. I'm already finding that the public act of writing it on a blog makes me feel somehow more accountable -- both to writing what I've been up to and with what I'm working on.

Plus sometimes when I look at my artist's resume and I see blank spots I ask myself, what was happening then? An artist's journey is full of lots of hard work. Appreciation, recognition and mile-markers (if you will) come at sometimes painfully long distances between one other. While I may remember being hard at work behind the scenes preparing or honing my skills during those seemingly "blank" times, there's something nice about being able to look back and read more closely what that journey actually looked like. I want to be able to do that and have gratitude in my heart for each step along the way. And although I don't kid myself to think that others care what takes place during those blanks, a blog lets me share anyway.

So... Onward with this week's report!

What have I been up to?

I've been taking care of nitty-gritties and tidying up.

I took a batch of photos for new handmade books that will go in my online shop. I'm aiming at adding new books more frequently then I have in the past.

I also worked on further revisions for my dummy project, WHEN WALTER WAVES. I've worked on this piece a bunch this year. I like where it's going. It's amazing how much time is involved perfecting such a short word-count.

I spent some time this week brainstorming plans for the coming year for WW SCBWI's Bellingham Network, which I'm excited to coordinate this year.

And last but not least, I CLEANED! Every once in a while my studio gets to a point that I just have to space clear or I won't be efficient working at all. With my new illustration sample challenging me and needing room for a marbling experiment, I felt inspired to make space. And I'm proud to say that I got about half my studio cleaned out. There is room for new messes now! The other half of my studio will have to wait! I'm too excited to begin my new experiment with marbling...