Late Night Juggle Mama

I learned how to juggle bean-bags when I was in high-school. Old hat.

Now I juggle mommy-life with artist-life. May not be as exciting as tossing burning clubs to the outside viewer, but it's pretty exciting and fun for me, the juggler.

What's the main stuff being tossed hand-to-hand this week?

My Artwork:
I'm pushing myself to get some new sample illustrations finished by our upcoming Western Washington SCBWI conference (I love these kind of deadlines -- they give me a rush and make me want to stay up all night in my studio).

Other Conference stuff:
I'm on the WW SCBWI advisory committee (Our chapter is awesome! I love working with everyone) so I have a few conference tasks I've been trying to take care of this week (usually late at night). I also traveled down to Seattle to hear Michele Torrey and Kirsten Carlson talk at the WW SCBWI monthly meeting. Kirsten spoke about portfolios and Michele spoke about getting the most out of the conference. They got me raring to go!

My Family:

And most importantly: Hooray! My little cute son is turning one-year-old this week. My Grandma is even visiting to celebrate. Dance party in Bellingham! Well actually I think we'll just have a picnic and some cake.

If only I could ride a unicycle...