New Art and The Satisfaction that comes with working on Revision

I'm all geared up for the The Western Washington Society of Children's Book Writer's and Illustrator's Conference this weekend!

I have been basking in studio time and making lots of new art. I'll try to update my regular website portfolio in the next couple of weeks.
For now, I'm posting a bunch of pictures here. The first goes with the Opossum, Crow and Armadillo illustration I posted a couple of weeks ago. The others are new illustrations that go with my story When Walter Waves.
I Like how this one turned out best:
When Walter Waves is a dummy book I've been working on revisions for. I'm learning a lot about revision and it's just awesome!

I've mostly learned that revision takes time! If something feels like it's still missing even when you think it's good -- wait awhile. Then try getting more feedback. Search for the thumping heart that keeps it alive.

I'm scheduled for a couple of critiques this weekend. Bring them on!